Keep it free and keep it cool

Where can you go to find out who sings that catchy new song on the radio? Or what time your favorite team is playing tonight? Or to get directions for your upcoming trip? On the Internet of course.

The World Wide Web has grown into an awesome tool for gaining access to information about everything. It is harder to try and come up with something that you can’t do on the Internet than it is to hop on and search for the capital of Uganda. It’s Kampala by the way.

The Internet is a wealth of knowledge and interactivity. You can watch a hilarious video on YouTube, post photos from the weekend on Facebook or just plain read the news.

Speaking of reading the news, that is one of many controversial issues on the Web these days. Right now it’s free to read the news, but should it be? News organizations across the world are struggling to make money in this unstable economy and since they haven’t found a workable online business model yet, they are actually thinking about charging for content. Some are even trying it out as we speak!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! The Internet is so large and so developed that it would be impossible for any news organization to successfully charge for their content. Maybe 10 years ago if they got everyone to do it, but not now. Sure, some people would buy a subscription, but not enough to put a dent in the debt. You would lose all the people who check in on your Web site occasionally and the ones that will just get their news from another source.

That’s the beauty of the Internet, if you can’t get what you need on one site, then you click off and find another one. So, why waste time trying to sell our content to the people that we care about the most, the users?

Solution: Hurry up and find a successful advertising platform. Easier said then done though I suppose.

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