Computer bracelets, telepresence shape future

We watched a cool video in class today that demonstrated the future of portable computers.

To sum it up, inventors are working on technology that would combine cell phones and computers, like the iPhone and Blackberry, but these devices would bend and fold and mold into a bracelet for easy transportation.

TPT_3D_TelePresence_Room_FullThe video showed a cartoon character woman using this device and shaping it for different uses. Then she snaps it onto her wrist like a bracelet. This is an amazing technology and I can’t even imagine the convenience of having something like this.

As cool as that device is, it’s nothing compared to telepresence. Imagine having a meeting in your office, but you were the only person physically there. Technology is available that teleports a 3D image of a person into the room with you as if they were actually there. You can interact with them, talk with them and see them. It really looks like they are there in the room but they are not.

How about never having to upload photos to the computer ever again? Well, with Microsoft’s surface computing you can take a picture on a digital camera and then simply place it on the computer table top and it will automatically appear on the surface. You can then resize, crop or view the photo on the computer top. The design of this is t have as your living room’s coffee table and eat dinner at the surface computer kitchen table. This is truly amazing technology which would really change our daily lives. The technology is expensive, so right now Microsoft is marketing to larger business and corporations.

ESPN, CNN and other big TV networks are already using touch computer screens. But the newest technology in this area is even more interactive. You can have an entire wall that serves as a touch screen monitor and it allows you to interact with the screen by playing a digital piano or dribbling a basketball.

When these technologies become the standard way of living life as we know it will be completely different.


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  1. brookcorwin on

    I have a good friend who works for Cisco who told me last weekend they use telepresense all the time for strategy meetings. The technology makes it easy to communicate and has saved the company plenty on travel costs, but he said it’s still hard to make a personal connection or read body language because you can’t look someone in the eye (the cameras don’t line up exactly). I’m sure they’re working on that, but I still wonder if anything can completely replace face-to-face contact.

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