Seems like everyone is sending out text alerts

I have been doing a lot of research for my research papers in one of my interactive media classes and my topic is the future of e-mail / text message alerts and mobile news Web sites.

cbs-sports-sitesWhat I have found is that just about every college and university in the country is using text messages to send out emergency alerts to its campus population. The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech a few years ago really changed the way we communicate emergency messages.

Administrators have realized that the fastest way to reach students, faculty and staff is to send out a mass text message or e-mail. By sending out these mass messages it allows people to find out about an emergency immediately. It is a really smart and great resource to have.

But as I did research for my topic, which will only lightly touch on the above discussion, I began having trouble. Because so many schools are now using this method for alerting their campus, news stories and credible sources for my topic are buried by information about emergency alerts sent out by schools.

I didn’t account for this topic being able to overtake the use of text and e-mail alerts by news organizations. I thought that because so many news organizations are now offering this free service that it would be a hot topic and I think it still is, it is just harder to find than I originally thought.

I may have to switch my focus just a little bit and focus a little bit more on mobile Web sites. I think that mobile Web sites is the more interesting part of this discussion any way because I think the idea of mobile Web sites is still new and fresh. E-mail and text has been around long enough that I don’t see any major changes in the near future, but for mobile Web sites, they are just now beginning to evolve.


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  1. andersj on

    You should really try to talk to the Chicago Tribune people before you go any further. They were on the cutting edge on a lot of this stuff and they might be able to help you find studies or to show you what they know or tell you who else to talk to in addition to them.

    This contacts link is from 2009 –

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