10,000 words is an understatement

I really enjoyed our Skype call with the author of the blog 10,000 words Mark Luckie during my interactive writing and design class last week.

In case you haven’t visited 10000words.net, Luckie’s blog shares new ideas that highlights journalism’s transformation as a result of new technologies. Lucky writes about new concepts, gadgets, techniques and shares cool multimedia projects that news organizations have produced.

This blog is a great resource for journalists and online news managers. I plan to make this blog a regular read because it provides insight to new practices and it will keep me up-to-date on what others in my field are up to. I can learn from many of the things he posts in his blog and might even be able to implement some of the things he shares.

I always enjoy seeing what other people are doing and learning how and why they did it. In today’s online-focused world, we as journalists need to come up with new ways to present the news. Using multimedia is the way to do it and reading up on what others are doing can provide some fuel for creating projects of our own.

I do wish that Luckie would post a little more frequently to his blog because sometimes when I go on there is nothing new. But for the most part the blog is very useful to multimedia journalists.

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