There are new and exciting things happening everywhere

There is so much happening on the internet that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with. It seems like everyday we hear about something new and something cool that is available for our use online. I got to hear 37 of those neat things Friday.

Not all of the new tools are online, some are technology products like a new mobile phone that adapts into a Bluetooth earpiece and also recognizes your fingerprints. Another product on the market is the iPod’s competition called Zume. This device is PC based and works just like the iPod touch except with more features like being able to play in high definition and hook up to your Television or radio.

internetA new and innovative form of advertising is already on the market in the New York City area. This interactive form of advertising is a scrolling message that appears on your television, telling you a little about the product and then allowing you to hit your select button on your remote to hear more information from the advertisement. If you find something you like and hit the select button, then some advertisers will send you free samples and coupons.

Speaking of advertising and marketing, the new thing these days is for businesses and corporations to get engaged in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Businesses are involved already, but the question that rises is if they are reaching the appropriate audience or if they are just reaching other business and advertisers.

The good news for businesses is that a recent study says they are reaching the audience that they want to reach. According to the report, most people are fans of businesses on Twitter. It seems the idea of going to your audience’s playground is actually working.

With the increased popularity of video and computer games a school in New York is actually experimenting with a school for children that only teaches through gaming. The school runs from grades 6-12 and teaches through gaming. This is an interesting concept and will probably increase in popularity if it works. We all know how much children hate books and reading and the old fashioned way of learning, but the opposition will argue of its importance.

These are only a few of many new ideas and concepts online and I look forward to using and making man of these a part of every-day life.

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