The future of Skype is growing

Last week during one of my classes I talked briefly about how TV stations are experimenting with Skype for live reports. Well, I joined in on the innovation last Friday.

As online editor at the Burlington Times-News, I helped start a partnership with WXII channel 12 news and we did our first live Skype interview on the 5 p.m. newscast.

The Times-News will be using Skype to appear live on WXII 12 to provide additional commentary about interesting stories in our coverage area. WXII is looking to get ahead of the industry in using Skype’s cutting edge and convenient technology while providing their viewers with additional information. WXII has a lot of viewers in the Burlington market, but because their station is based in Winston-Salem and taking into account the current state of the economy, traveling to Burlington isn’t as frequent as it once was.

skype_logo_largeThe benefit for us at the Times-News is to gain more exposure. We are at a point where we are trying to market our brand, the Times-News and, and increase our audience. We believe that making a few TV appearances will help us gain a few more readers and build that brand.

Friday’s Skype interview was in relation to the story we ran last week about the South American mammal found roaming southwestern Alamance County called the coati. WXII anchor Cameron Kent interviewed me on the subject and asked how the animal was doing, how it got to Alamance County and about the correct pronunciation of the animal’s name. The quality of the video needs a little bit of work for next time, but overall I think it went pretty well.

Skype is a really amazing technology and it’s something I have seen and used a lot recently We have been using Skype a lot in my interactive media graduate program at Elon University. The technology allows us to have guest speakers in class talk with us about their roles in the industry without having to pay for travel costs. This is a perfect tool to use at your office or business because you can have people attend meetings without any cost and with lots of convenience. It is a great resource.

We actually had someone in my class give a presentation last week from her apartment using Skype because she was home sick for the day. After her presentation, she stayed on the line and actually was able to listen in and see the rest of the class presentations. Technology is truly amazing. But make sure to watch out for more Times-News Skype reports on WXII 12.


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