Robots, interactive contact lenses, what next?

During Friday’s face-to-face technology sharing excercise, once again I learned about a lot of cool new gadgets that might be a part of our future.

Maybe the most interesting, as a contact lens wearer myself, is the invention of interactive contact lenses. These lenses could have a ton of features and the possibilities are endless as to what they might be able to do down the road. The first few ideas for the interactive contact lens are that they will be able to monitor things like diabetes and play online games like Second Life, all through your contact lenses.

contact-lens-bionic-visionAnother feature would be for pilots to drive through their contact lenses or drivers could do test crashes with the contact lens documenting the scenarios. Pretty amazing stuff.

the future of robots is a technology that has been discussed for decades. Some believe that in the future robots will dominate our daily lives. We will have robots to just about everything for us. In Second Life, you can learn more about robots at the robot museum that was built in the popular virtual space. It is pretty cool that we are now using spaces like Second Life to learn more about the future and as a place we can visit for purposes other than recreational use.

Some other neat things already available include an iPhone application that monitors your calorie intake. Basically, every time you eat something you just type in what you ate and it calculates the calories and keeps a running tally throughout the day.

Have you ever been in hurry to find a place to grab a bite to eat or grab a coffee before your flight at the airport? Well, instead of wasting time searching for a coffee shop or a restaurant why not just get your iPhone to do it for you? A small company in California is doing just that. That have put out an application that lets you type in what you want and then you’ll get an interactive map and directions to get there.

It’s kind of like a more advanced GPS system, but for more day-to-day location requests. If you’re at a concert and need to find a bathroom, just plug it in and in seconds you’ll have the nearest bathroom. I already use the GPS on my Blackberry for a similar use, but it isn’t as efficient as this application. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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