No more scanners?

Scanners are nice and can be convenient, but with current technology do we even need them anymore? Probably not.

With cameras on smart phones improving every day, our phones can now take great pictures. We can take a picture of anything and have it uploaded to our computer. Instead of scanning a document we can just take a picture of it.

I know I do this all the time. Why waste time with a scanner when you can get the same quality document scanned in just by taking a quick snapshot on your smart phone.

Another great feature on your phone, this one coming soon, is the ability to be able to unlock your car using your phone. New technology will allow you to press a button on your phone and unlock your car, working exactly like your current unlocking device. This feature allows you to lock your keys in your car and carry around less.

Your car will be programmed to unlock with the phone and also will be programmed not to start without the phone so that no one can steal your car. This is a pretty cool feature.

Speaking of cars, the Lexus, Prius and other cars will soon have touch screen options on their steering wheels. This is crazy to think that we might be touching the steering wheel to change the radio or surf the internet. This seems kind of dangerous to me. We have enough distractions already in the car and to add this would just complicate things even more.

I won’t lie though, it would probably be pretty cool to use, but very distracting.


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