Sometimes I hate the 24-hour news cycle

The 24-hour news cycle gives us news all day long and it is a wonderful thing. Whenever something is going on we can turn on the TV or hop online and find out what is happening.

The amount of news coverage out there is overwhelming sometimes. It seems some stories are over analyzed and beat to death. Another constant issue with the non-stop news cycle is that smaller news stories are blown into a huge mess of a news story when nothing else is going on or the networks choose to do so.

Denmark Olympics 2016 Bids ChicagoFor example, I was really bothered by the around the clock coverage of President Barack Obama’s trip to Denmark to campaign for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. I thought this story was way overplayed and thought the whole concept behind the president going was ridiculous.

There are a lot of problems in the United State right now with the top issues being the weak economy, unemployment and the war in Afghanistan. One of the deadliest attacks on U.S. troops in a year occurred over the weekend, just a few short days after the president returned from Denmark from making his pitch to the Olympic Committee.

I guarantee to you that the U.S. troops overseas risking their lives every day wern’t thinking about the 2016 Summer Olympics while they were dodging enemy fire.

Obama has taken a lot of heat for traveling to Denmark and making the pitch, especially after Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting. The bid was awarded to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and made quite a mockery of the president. Late-night comedy shows had a field day with the failure and quite frankly I’m glad.

Hopefully the president and his staff will think twice about the issues we face right here at home next time before traveling overseas to campaign for something tat isn’t taking place for another seven years. The whole thing seems rather foolish.

Even though I normally like the 24-hour news cycle and the fact that we can get information anywhere and anytime, I think this is an example of the fact that sometimes enough is enough. Let’s take a step back and cover something meaningful next time.

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  1. steveearley on

    Some good points. The pressure to contantly tell audiences “what’s happening now” means there’s well short of 24 hours worth of substance in the daily cycle. All that time and think of all the important international issues or even national issues the MSM never talk about. News organizations feel if they’re not covering it blow by blow, a competitor will be. For this reason, got to give MSNBC credit for giving the primetime doc blocks a try.

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