Staying on top of changing field is key

After our Skype chat with Ellyn Angelotti of the Poynter Institute I gained a better understanding of how important it is to stay current on new practices in the field of online journalism.

Because the field of interactive media is constantly growing and evolving, new practices, technology and techniques are used and implemented daily. In order to succeed in this field, it is vital to stay on top of these new concepts.

One of Angelotti’s main responsibilities as interactivity editor at the Poynter Institute is to do just that. Staying ahead of the curve and making these new techniques a part of her daily life is part of her job and it should be part of all our jobs if we wish to excel in interactive media.

There is a lot of chatter in the field of journalism and whoever jumps on new technology first has a better chancing of capturing new audience members and becoming more successful. We are constantly looking for new users online and the best way to find them is to implement more and more new forms of content.

Using Twitter is a great way to stay current on these new practices because you can get information from all different sources at the same time. If you follow the right people you can read what kind of things they are experimenting with and implementing at their organizations.

We can’t fall asleep on the job in this field. We need toi stay ahead of the game and always be on our toes and remain open to new ideas and concepts.

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