MLB postseason goes interactive

I continue to be impressed by improvements made with interactive sports coverage online.

Most professional sports Web sites and big sports media sites are littered with interactivity, from videos to photo galleries, audio and motion graphics.

mediaplayer_tbsThe Major League Baseball playoffs start Wednesday and is beefing up its coverage. They aren’t completely following the free and open philosophy for everything, but they are doing a good job.

You have always been able to use their interactive stat tracker feature to get live updates on the game you’re interested in. You’ve also always been able to purchase the MLB.TV package to watch out-of-market games. New to this year’s playoffs is a more advanced and interactive form of MLB.TV.

MLB is calling it Postseason.TV and the new features include the following:

  • Watch up to 4 alternate camera angles at once (Quad Mode)
  • Choose from 8 different camera angles
  • Includes Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series
  • Available to US Residents only (no blackouts)
  • Twitter integration

These features sound really cool and it costs only $9.95 for the entire postseason. The only catch is that if you watch the games like everyone else, it is free on TV. The entire divisional series is on TBS, so if you only have basic cable, you can’t watch. But let’s be honest, if you’ve got basic cable, you’re too cheap to buy the Postseason.TV package.

So, I think the audience is die-hard baseball fans. If you can afford $10, it seems like a great service. You can get so much more out of your team’s games by watching online. It’d be great too, if you were somewhere with internet access, but not TV because you wouldn’t have to miss the game and you’d get so much more out of it.

I’m interested to see how Twitter is incorporated into this package. I imagine it would some sort of live updates from someone at the game. Perhaps little news and notes items to give the viewer more insight.

There are so many awesome features on and it really provides a great experience for the user. Logging on and seeing all the coverage gets me excited about the start of the playoffs.

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