GPS during golf makes life easier

Some golfers and golf courses are now using GPS systems in their golf carts. This is a great feature and would make playing golf so much easier.

Clearly, I’m not a great golfer so I’m guessing this wouldn’t turn me into a better golfer but it certainly would be useful. The most commonly asked question in golf is how far is it to the hole? Golfers constantly try to guesstimate the yardage left to the pin from where their ball lies. Some courses have more yardage markers than others, but no matter where you play, you’ve asked the question.

OnParsuperclearBy adding GPS to your golf game you never need to ask again. Some nicer and more expensive golf courses have GPS devices built into their golf carts. The GPS device will give you the yardage left to the hole and also show you the hole location, hazard locations and distances and more.

With GPS you will know what club you should use and where everything in your path is located. This makes it a lot easier to hit an accurate shot. You can also download application to some mobile phones which do the same thing.

If your course doesn’t have GPS in the carts, you can purchase a golf GPS device. Unfortunately, not every golf course is GPS ready. In order for the golf GPS to work on your course, it has to be mapped out through the GPS network. Some GPS devices will let you map out the course yourself so if your course isn’t mapped out already, have no fear, you can still use GPS.

other features with the golf GPS device include weather alerts, personal shot data, messages from the clubhouse and advertising. The clubhouse can monitor your cart from the clubhouse if they are set up to do so and can send you weather alerts. Also, many devices will let you record shot data so that the next time you hit a shot from that location it will record which club you used and how the shot wound up. This is great for improving your game week to week.

Golf courses who use GPS have built in advertising to the devices that will display ads onto the screens that display yardage to the hole. This is a great way for courses to pay for the technology which at this point is still pricey.

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