We had another amazing day in Panama. Even with a super early wake up and departure we had another touching and unbelievable experience.

We traveled west where we met a 28-year-old man with OI. He has made it through the toughest part of the disease, but was able to share with us his hardships and experiences, something that we hadn’t really gotten yet on video because of the young age of many of the children we have interviewed.

We had a great time spending the morning at his house in a large town in the middle of Panama near the Pacific Coast. He told us he now lives a normal life, except in his wheel chair. He visits the beach, hangs out with friends, works a job and he even plays the guitar and sings. I asked if he could play a few songs for us and he did. It was great. He was very talented and we were all impressed.

After that we were able to do a few on the spot tourist activities. We hit up a local store that sold Panamanian arts and crafts. We all bought a few items and then after lunch we headed to the beach. Panama has lots of beaches and we decided that we had to check on out today. We didn’t plan on going, so we didn;t have bathing suits, but we were able to stick our feet in and bask in the sun. The beach we beautiful and you could see the mountains in the background. We also saw a few people horseback riding.

Tonight we plan on going out and experiencing a little Panamanian night life. Today is actually a national holiday though in rememberance of a tragic event in the 1960’s involving the deaths of four Panamanians as a result of U.S. gun fire in the Canal zone. As a result, most bars and night clubs are closed. But we plan on seeing what we can do about that to have a little fun. It’s also one of my classmates’ birthdays so we want to celebrate.

Sunday we are interviewing the local OI foundation’s director. We plan on doing the interview on an area called “The Islands.” We saw them from a distance and they look unreal. There is also a spectacular view of Panama City from there.

Here are a few photos from today.




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