Back in the states

After a productive and eye-opening experience we landed back in the U.S. late Thursday night.

Surprisingly, we had absolutely no trouble flying internationally. With the recent airport security changes I thought that we would surely experience some sort of hiccup, but luckily we did not.

We wrapped our last day in Panama by saying our goodbyes to Dayana, her daughter Anyi and another foundation volunteer, Giovanni. It was certainly an emotional goodbye and I was sad to leave them.

I really learned a lot from this experience and am excited to see the end result. I think this Web site and the work that we have done to tell the story of these children in Panama will really help the cause of the Crystal Kids Foundation. Hopefully we can wake up the Panamanian government and raise awareness in Panama about this genetic disease and the lack of treatment available to those who have it.

It will definitely be a long week and half of work putting together the Web site, but I now that in the end it will be worth the hard work. We have hours and hours of video to edit, a dozen stories to write, thousands of photos to sort and edit and a Web site to build and upload. In addition to that, I plan on writing press releases for U.S. and local news organizations and press releases for Panamanian news organizations.

We need to help get the word out about this disease in order to improve the treatment of it. I am confident that we can do that through our efforts this week.


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  1. DAYANA on

    me alegro mucho que hallan llegado muy bien despues de tantos dias de mucho trabajo en panama, para nosotros fue triste la despedida, pero nos fortalece el trabajo que estan haciendo por nosostros en Panama. Quiero expresarles mi agradecimientos cada uno de ustedes de verdad que si.
    Alex, lamento lo de tus mocasines pero fue buenisimo toda la experiencia, finalmente creo que el exito de este trabajo es que los niños con o.i llegaron a sus corazones y para quedarse por SIEMPRE….

    • kreitman on


      We learned so much from our trip and thank you and everyone else for showing us about OI in Panama. We have been working hard since our return on building the Web site and so far it looks great! We can’t wait for you to see the finished product and more importantly, we can’t wait to see the results it yields in helping the children! I will talk with you soon



      Aprendimos tanto de nuestro viaje y gracias y los otros para mostrarnos acerca de OI en Panamá. ¡Hemos estado trabajando duramente desde que nuestra construcción de de rendimiento el sitio web y hasta ahora parece gran! ¡Nosotros no le podemos esperar para ver el producto terminado y lo que es más importante, nosotros no podemos esperar para ver los resultados que lo rinde en ayudar a los niños! Hablaré con usted pronto


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