Moving right along with OI site

I finished writing all the stories for our OI Panama Web site. What a relief!

It took all week, but I finally cranked out 10 stories about the families affected by OI, the health care system and the Crystal Children Foundation.

I hope that these stories along with the video and photo slideshows, that some of my other team members are working on, help tell the stories behind this cause. We saw so much when we were in Panama and we want to share what we witnessed with the world.

There is much left to do for the Web site, but we are progressing at a steady pace. There are a lot of videos and slideshows left to produce and a few Flash elements that need to be completed, but a lot of the big ticket items are finished.

The stories I wrote still need to be translated and not all of them are on the Web site yet, but that should all be completed Sunday.

I don’t want to jinx our project, but aside from a few videos, we should be on schedule to complete on time if not early. We are presenting our final project to the rest of our iMedia classmates Tuesday afternoon and I am excited to see everyone’s results.

2 comments so far

  1. DAYANA on

    Alex, ya extrañaba tus comentarios, no tendras mala suerte todo saldra muy bien ademas les mando toda nuestra ENERGIA, ustedes van han hecho un trabajo donde hubo mucha mezcla de sentimientos y yo tambien espero ver esta pagina con ancias ademas, acuerdate de llevar los clinex porque van a llorar mucho sera el mejor proyecto tendran PREMIOS por esto. LOS FELICITOS CHICOS….
    los quiero mucho


    • kreitman on

      Tengo el tejido listo para salir!!! Gracias por todo tu apoyo Dayana. Usamos las palabras como la motivación de cada día como terminamos este sitio Web.


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