Apple iPad jumpstarts new revolution

Sure, people have been using the Kindle for awhile, but have you seen the new Apple iPad? It looks pretty incredible and the price is right.

Now I don’t have $499 to drop on a new iPad when it becomes available in March, but if I did I would jump all over one.

The new device is advertised as better than a laptop and better than a mobile device. The size is perfect. It is about the size of a piece of paper and its thin 1/2 width is sleek and slim. Its lightweight design will make it easy to carry around and transport. And it does it all.

The iPad will do all the things your laptop and mobile device can do, but it will do them better. I think the sell for this device is the size and the ability to use it more like a book than a computer or a phone.

The touch screen allows you to move through all the device’s elements with ease and quickness. The interface makes complete sense and the keyboard is larger than a mobile device, eliminating the hassle of touching the wrong keys.

The iPad works with the more than 140,000 apps available and also works with iTunes.

There are different options for hard drive space which varies the price. Also, to purchase the iPpad with AT&T’s 3G network, you will have to tack on another charge.

When it comes down to it though, this will be the future, for now. We might see newspapers and magazines all converting to using tablets like this. The Kindle was released quietly, but Apple’s iPad was unveiled with a roar.


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