Wouldn’t it be great …

If I had created the mobile phone? I certainly think it would be.

The mobile phone continues to grow in popularity and usability. As the demand increases for these useful devices they will become more enhanced and can do more and more. The idea and concept behind the mobile phone is genius.

First came the cellular telephone which made an individual available outside of the house. You could now communicate verbally to people no matter where they were. The cellular phone became even more convenient than the household land-line phone. Essentially, the consumer said why do I need a land-line phone when I have this cellular phone I can take with me wherever I go. That idea evolved into the mobile device.

The cellular phone was always mobile after it broke away from the car phone philosophy, but the mobile part refers to the device’s capabilities to do more than just make phone calls from remote locations. Mobile devices today can take pictures, shoot video surf the Web and much more. With GPS capabilities you can use your mobile device to navigate to a friend’s house and listen to music.

Many of today’s mobile phones also have touch screen capabilities, making them super easy to use and navigate. In the future these devices will completely take over and become the standard for Web browsing, making phone calls and much more. I think that the cost of the phones will come down as they become the standard and technology costs decrease. Soon, everyone will own one and will use it for everything. Phones will come with built-in projectors to display images and video on larger surfaces. You will also be able to dock your phone at home so it becomes your land-line phone or can be hooked up to your computer or stereo system. At some point the device will act as your house key and car key, starting your car or opening your door for you.

Just think, at your finger tips you can watch a movie, watch television, read the newspaper or read a book. The technology already exists, it is just a matter of catching on to every consumer which will happen as they become more affordable and available.

I envy the person or company who created the iPhone and these other mobile devices. They are so convenient and useful that they must have made a lot of many for those people involved in their development. It sure would have been nice to be a part of the innovation.


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