Lyin’ and Tiger’s affairs … oh my

Did anyone not watch Tiger Woods’ press conference Friday? If you didn’t you were certainly in the minority as millions gathered around TV sets or watched online to see the world’s most famous athlete end three months of silence.

To put the obsession with Woods’ personal life, affairs and alleged sex addiction into perspective, there were over 93,000 tweets on Twitter about Woods Friday. Another hundred thousand something changed their Facebook status in response to Woods’ statement and at, we had a live video feed provided by The Associated Press, which several hundred people tuned in to. But is this whole affair scandal actually news? From what I have read so far, the verdict is still out.

At, online commenter sounded off, some expressing opinions about his future and legacy in golf while others were outraged with his behavior and all the news coverage surrounding it. One commenter called for Woods to “sit down and shut up.” Another claimed that “If every cheating husband/wife had to make a press conference on national TV, we would have nothing to watch BUT that.”

As I perused a few social networking sites Friday it seemed that almost everyone was talking about Woods and his affairs, but why? I agree that his personal business should not be aired in the public for the sake of his wife, Elin, his mother and his children, but with the 24-hour news cycle superstars like Woods can’t avoid the spotlight, no matter how personal a matter it is.

Is it fair? Some say no, but the millions of dollars he’s earned over the year in endorsements might suggest it comes with the territory. Both sides of the fence have good arguments.

I have read mixed opinions on the Internet about how Woods handled the situation. Many were disappointed that the press conference was so scripted with Woods reading from a piece of paper for the entire 15 minutes. Others mocked the forum for his speech, citing that he invited the people present and refused to take questions, basically setting his own agenda. Some felt he was sincere and accepted his apology while others longed for answers to the hundreds of questions that loom about his affair and return to golf.

A friend of mine said he actually found more entertainment value in the press conference that CNN aired after Woods. A former porn star, alleged to have had an affair with Wood,s held her own media session Friday. With her attorney present, the two pleaded for a personal apology from Woods. The attorney read a statement, which included a section bashing Woods for going to a sex rehabilitation clinic, announcing publicly that he should instead check in to “Lying rehab.”

Is this whole saga news or entertainment? Today’s demand for news often brings attention and blows up certain stories that might not normally be in the spotlight. There is no doubt that Tiger Woods being absent from golf is a news story and the reason for his leave of absence should be reported, but should every little detail be plastered all over TV, newspapers and the Internet? Maybe not.

The only thing I care about is when he will return to golf. He said Friday that he will return, but did not give a timetable. Some experts suggest he will be ready as soon as April for The Masters, but who knows.

When he returns will he win? Will he dominate? Those are the questions that I want answers to, but I don’t need a press conference to answer them, he’ll answer them on the golf course.

I can’t say I will cheer for Woods like I once did because I don’t agree with any of his reckless behavior, but if he is able to compete again at the highest level it will be tough not to watch him.

The bottom line is that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He didn’t commit a major crime despite his immoral behavior, so if he can play golf again and succeed, he might be able to prevail from the current personal disaster that engulfs him.


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