Google advertising platform takes the cake

I definitely enjoyed reading the book “Googled,” because of its in depth look behind the scenes of one of the most successful companies in history.

From the bottom up, Google fascinates me. I learned so much about the unique and innovative company in the book that I didn’t know before, thus making Google much more appealing to me than it already was. I use Google a lot, probably over 20 searches a day, if not more. I have a gmail account I use religiously and I have become a recent lover of Google Docs.

The founders of Google, Sergey and Larry, built a great search engine. It was and is the best. Then they added a whole lot of other great products to their arsenal. But they needed to make money, facing pressure from those that funded the project. Instead of joining other search engines and implementing paid search to boost your results towards the top of the search list, Google waited. The founders didn’t want to discredit the search by skewing the results to make money. By waiting, they developed the current Adwords platform which is genius.

In this case, waiting was smart. They waited until they found a platform that fit their product. As a result of waiting, Google has made a lot of money and is extremely profitable.

I would like to see news organizations take this same approach. There is a panic mode going on about how to make money online in the news industry. Some are making drastic changes and implementing untested platforms that are risky. They feel they need to make money and have to make it now.

Maybe by waiting it out, they can continue to build a great product online and then the advertising would come a little easier. I think that by increasing audience, page views and overall Web traffic it will improve the chances to sell more and better advertising on those sites. I think in the current form, news organizations haven’t converted enough people to those sites and haven’t marketed those site good enough to entice the advertiser to put their money into it. Just a thought.

Be patient. I think that by waiting just a little longer before slapping up a pay wall and charging for online content, it will allow news sites to grow and in the end make money a lot easier. Similar to Google’s position, it has to fit the product and serve the users.


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