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Food is the best part of the Super Bowl

Every good party has excellent food and drink and the Super Bowl is no different. As the game is the grand daddy of them all, the same is true for the food display. The spread must be the best.

Here are a few items I like to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl. Of course, all of these foods should be washed down with an ice cold beer because that is the way God intended it.


I am not a huge chili fan, but I am outnumbered. Still, even though I will opt for other items before fixing a bowl of chili, it is a must have for the Super Bowl, especially with the recent cold snowy weather we’ve been having here in North Carolina.

chicken-wingsBuffalo Wings

Whether you like them hot, mild or with honey BBQ sauce it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have them at your party. Wings are the ultimate sports snack and are required in order to enjoy the game. I mean that.


There are all kinda of dips for parties, but here is what you should have at your Super Bowl party. No veggie dips or any crap like that. The Super Bowl is a man’s game so bring a man’s dip. A sausage and cheese dip is delicious and OK to eat in public. Other dips include a buffalo chicken dip, which I will attempt to make this year, Crab dip and any sort of Mexican dip. Mexican dips take all the things we love and tosses them all together, salsa and cheese being the two obvious choices.

Baked goods

Attention men. We usually bring our ladies to Super Bowl parties so they can help make the dips and also the baked goods. Cookies and brownies are a nice change of pace from all the fried foods mentioned above.


You need it in some form. I recommend bagel bites or pizza rolls for the Super Bowl. They’re easier to eat then slices, especially with a lot of people in the living room you don’t need pizza boxes getting in the way.

Pigs in a blanket

Everyone loves hot dogs and a little crescent roll wrapped around one is just perfect. So put some on your table for your friends to enjoy.

Ham biscuits

A co-worker’s wife makes some delicious mini ham biscuits for our Fantasy football draft every year. I’d never had them until moving to N.C., but buy was I missing out. They are fantastic and you need them for your party.

Chips, nuts and everything else

Potato chips, Doritos, chips and salsa, peanuts and M&Ms are perfect “pour them in a bowl” snacks. You don’t have to cook or prepare anything. They’re simple yet delicious. It’s up to you what kind to get, just make sure they’re available to your guests.


If you plan on drinking a lot of alcohol during the Super Bowl then you might choose a lighter beer like Bud Light or Miller Light. But, if you’re purely going on enjoyment and taste or want to switch it up, here are a few recommendations:

beer_footballSam Adams Winter Lager

Magic Hat #9



Amstel Light

Or whatever is on sale.

Bottom line, nothing healthy. I outlined a lot of food and a lot of beer, but it’s the biggest game of the year. Splurge, enjoy yourself because after Sunday night, we have to wait all Spring and Summer for our favorite game to return. So, eat and drink up!